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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is to provide scholarships to young people from elementary school age through college age so that they may participate in the educational experience of attending a summer music camp in the specific areas of instrumental and/or vocal music. Our mission includes the intention to promote the study and enjoyment of music and the arts, to encourage discipline and aesthetics in education, to provide opportunities for young people to share their art at a high level of excellence, and to meet with and explore ideas with other young people of various backgrounds, but similar interests. Secondarily, our mission is to promote the musical arts in performance and to give local communities an opportunity to view today’s youth in a positive and constructive light.

President's Message

During this time of social distancing, my hope is that life will find a new normal. We must always remember that the performing arts are a social and emotional experience. The arts help us express our emotions and give comfort in difficult times. It is gratifying to see all the creative ways musicians are finding to perform whether they are giving impromptu performances for their neighbors, choreographing dance steps to songs with their families, or using virtual technology to perform master works together. The arts bring us closer and help us share a common bond.


Sadly, many of the summer music camps have cancelled their programs for this summer. I just spoke with Dennis and Larke. They shared that Arrowbear must cancel their traditional summer sessions; however, they are working on a smaller camp experience and hope to connect with campers using technology and social media. We’ve included part of the letter they sent to campers explaining why they felt they had no choice but to cancel the summer. It is included in this newsletter.


Our scholarship applicants for Summer 2020 knew it was a possibility that camp might be cancelled. Our promise to them was that if camp were cancelled, we would hold their scholarships until Summer 2021. They won’t need to reapply next spring, and we’ll work with them and their families to adjust their scholarship as needed for next year.


I heard this quote on a news broadcast last month. It resonated with my thoughts on what is needed at this moment in our lives. “Art has the power to bring people together to celebrate, to encourage, and to heal amid this current crisis. This life affirming force is more important that ever.” I hope this summer you can explore ways to make and enjoy music.

Cliff Kusaba



We grant scholarships to any accredited instrumental or choral music camp in the United States. Applications are available beginning February 1 and are due in mid-April.


We publish our Newsletter in the spring and in the fall. Our database contains over two thousand alumni and friends of Arrowbear. Click below to read our latest Newsletter.


Catch up with what Alumni are doing now, favorite camp memories, and the latest events planned in the near future. Find a link to your favorite camp songs and a photo gallery.


There are multiple ways you can support providing scholarships for summer music camps. We accept donations by check and by credit card through PayPal. For some of you, writing a check, addressing an envelope, and locating a stamp is too time consuming or just flat-out “old school.” There are lots of other ways you can help us help young musicians. Check out these additional options.

Amazon Smile

Sign up to have a percentage of your Amazon purchases donated to us. 

Stock Donations

Donating stock directly to us can have huge tax advantages for you.

Online Banking

Set up a "bill" in your online bill pay platform to make it easy to donate.

Matching Grants

Many employers will match donations their employees make to approved charities.

Employer Plans

Many employers allow  payroll deductions to support approved charities.


Encourage your friends and family to donate in your name on Facebook.


We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides scholarships to young musicians to any accredited summer music camp in the United States. Scholarships are made possible through the generous donations from the alumni and friends of Arrowbear Music Camp, matching grants, and from members of the general public who support music education.



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