Our organization sponsors a reunion fund-raising event at Arrowbear every five years. Our next reunion event will take place over Labor Day weekend in 2022.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

80 Years of Making Music with Friends

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80th Reunion

Sunday, September 4th, 2022.

The wait is over! Arrowbear Music Associates is sponsoring the celebration for Arrowbear's 80th summer with a Reunion. Although this is technically the 81st summer, we'll let it slide this time... The Reunion will be the Sunday of Labor Day weekend on September 4, 2022. Come join the fun and relive all the wonderful memories from your summers at Arrowbear Music Camp.

Registration is open now. For your donation we will provide a Reunion picture, a Reunion Note, and lunch. We are also offering an optional Reunion T-shirt. These will be available by pre-order for a small additional donation to cover the cost of the shirts. Limited numbers of additional shirts will be available on the day of the Reunion. Your best bet is to pre-order, so you know you’ll get the size you want. The camp will provide breakfast and dinner for an appropriate donation, or you can eat out of camp. It would be great if you could pre-register as soon as you know your plans for the summer. This will help us order the food and the shirts as well as copies of the music.

You’re welcome to come into camp on Saturday afternoon and sleep overnight. You can stay until 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 5, if you wish. The accommodations at camp are just as you remember them, but there are a number of motels or Airbnb options in the vicinity if you’re not up to staying in camp. We do caution you that it is Labor Day weekend and likely to be busy for the motels. Don’t wait to make a reservation.

Online registration is available below. You can use a credit card or PayPal. There is no extra fee for online registration. You can still send in your registration by regular mail as well using the Registration Form.  We’ll keep updating info about the Reunion on our website and on Facebook throughout the summer including even a link so you can print out your music and practice before the big day.




We need help spreading the date of the Reunion, so no one is left out who’d like to attend. Talk to your friends and get them to come! Please send the addresses of alumni by email to Laura at arrowbearmusicassociates@gmail.com.


80th Reunion Registration

  • Arrowbear's 80th Reunion
    Sun, Sep 04
    Arrowbear Music Camp
    Sep 04, 8:00 AM PDT – Sep 05, 10:00 AM PDT
    Arrowbear Music Camp, Music Camp Rd, Running Springs, CA 92314, USA
    Come join the fun and celebrate 80 Years of Making Music with Friends.

Tentative Reunion Schedule

                                 8-10:00               Registration and breakfast

                        10:00                    Photo - so it can be printed and returned to us by the afternoon

                        10:30 - 12:30       Orchestra and Choral Rehearsal

                        12:30 - 2:30          Lunch, camp singing, awarding of Hall of Fame plaques

                          2:30 - 5:00          Free time to visit – optional chamber groups and brass choir rehearsals

                          5:00                     Concert

                          6:30                     Dinner         

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Our Last Fundraising Reunion - September 4, 2016

75 Years


Music, Fun, and Harmony

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Our most recent reunion fundraising event took place on September 4, 2016, at Arrowbear Music Camp. Over 200 alumni and their families enjoyed a day of memories and music. We raised over $4,000 for scholarships.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of you who attended our Reunion fundraising event at Arrowbear on September 4. Also, a special thank you to the conductors and those who volunteered to help with all the things that go on behind the scenes during the event. The main purpose of this event was to raise funds for our scholarship program. This event was also a way to thank those of you who have donated to our scholarships over the past five years.  We did try something different; most of the pre-Reunion activities were done on Facebook. I would like to know if that was something that you liked and want us to continue to use for more information on our future activities. Many, many thanks to our Planning Committee. They spent almost a year working on the Reunion. Also, a big thank you to Arrowbear and Dennis, Larke, and Breck for letting us converge upon the Camp for the weekend. 

The day of the Reunion is always a special time for us to gather together to renew friendships and reminisce about Arrowbear. This Reunion we had our largest turnout of alumni that I can remember. My highlight of the day was the time we spent taking the Decade pictures. We had campers from every decade of Arrowbear including present-day campers and staff. It seemed as if there were dozens of people taking pictures of each decade group with their own cell phones. These photos are posted below along with the Reunion photo of everyone who was there that morning. Thanks to everyone who joined one of the performing groups or participated in the Chamber Music; it was an incredible sight to see and hear the groups rehearse and perform all in the same day.  

We may provide the time, place, and some activities, but as soon as all of you arrive, the Reunion takes on a life of its own. For those who attended the Reunion or posted photos on Facebook, thanks for allowing us all to be a camper, counselor, or staff member just one more time.


Cliff Kusaba



75th Reunion Photo

Reunion photo 2016.JPG

Decade Photo Gallery

In honor of Arrowbear's 75th season, we took photos of the alumni who attended or worked at camp during each decade beginning with the 1940s. Some alumni and staff members appear in more than one photo depending upon how long they came to camp. Alumni name tags included colored stickers to indicate which decades they were at Arrowbear. There was a huge crowd of "onlookers" waiting their turn for their own photos. A multitude of flashing cell phone cameras made everyone feel like they were celebrities. The photos were one of the highlights of the day.


Alumni Reunion Tributes

Reunion bag by Ann.JPG

Ann Rasmussen Brenton raffled off a beautiful tote bag she designed and created during the Reunion event. She donated the proceeds to Arrowbear Music Associates. Ann and her husband, Eric Brenton, sold raffle tickets all day. We thank them both for their thoughtfulness and for raising $237 for scholarships. The lucky winner of the bag was Davina Cave Keiser.

Joel Montgomery was a camper in 1961. He sculpted this beautiful bust of Beethoven to honor the 75th season of Arrowbear. It is now on the mantle in the dining hall. “I thank you for this opportunity to adorn my rendition of Beethoven at Arrowbear for your 75th Anniversary and hope it will be cherished for many years to come.”

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Reunion Photo Fun

Map to Arrowbear

Has it been awhile since you drove up to camp? Use our Google Map to help you. Click on the minus sign to see which freeways to use to get you to either Hwy 330 or Hwy 18. Then use the plus sign to get more detail to the roads leading into camp.