Donations Spring & Summer 2020

Many, many thanks to the friends and alumni of Arrowbear who donated to our Scholarship Fund during the spring and summer months. Donations from the Spring Newsletter totaled $36,035. That’s a great start in building the scholarship bucket for next summer. All of the donations will go toward scholarships for 2021. We’re hopeful that Arrowbear will be able to offer its usual summer program of sessions for Summer 2021.

Every donation is appreciated. We receive amounts from $10 to hundreds of dollars. It all adds up. Don’t worry about waiting until you can give more at some point in the future. Any amount makes a difference. It’s always a wonderful surprise to visit the mailbox and hear how you’re doing and what is keeping you busy. Please keep in touch and give when you can.

Rejean Schweitzer Anderson

Gilbert Bishop

Martha Gunning Brunsting

Larry Evans

Erin Nakagawa Felix

Lida Lockwood Gerenraich

Kim Gibson

Julie Gill

Jennifer Hornung Gille

Lynne Greenwood

Eileen Marrison Halcrow

Neil Harrington

Brooke Hearons Hicks

Dennis & Jayne Lanners Horn

Marian Kent

Maria, Mike, Annie, & Eva Kisska

Peter Kozik

James Lanners

Hayden Gerald Lawrence

Patricia Nelson Mack

Marianne Marsi & Lewis Manring

Sally & Ron Munro

Diane Otsuki

Steven Reynolds

Nailah Roque

Cynthia Schutz

Oliver Seely

Tom & Marjorie Sims

Charlotte Sato

Bruce Sledge

Zachary & Xiaoning Smith

Mike West

Ruth Luippold Zantiny

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  • Ken Sams, Jr. in memory of Roland Sandberg.

  • Matthew Zavod in loving memory of Ellen Schinnerer Deffner.

  • Mark Scott in memory of Fran Harding, Joe Burger, and Lee Smith.

  • Mark Byer and Stephanie Cinereski in memory of Brian Reynolds.

  • Lennard & Jean Reynolds Eckhardt in memory of Brian Reynolds.

  • Gustavo Alfaro in memory of his mother-in-law, Cherry Blossom, who taught her children the joy of music.

  • Mark Fronke in memory of Robert Fronke who paid for many music lesson for his five children.

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Additional Donations


Matching Grants

  • Many thanks to the Arrowbear Campers from Summer 2019 who donated the unspent funds left in their personal camp bank accounts at the end of their sessions. This totaled $865.


  • Thank you to Becky Boggs Othmer who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Naomi Norwick who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Russell Graham for arranging for us to receive payroll withholdings from the Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Organization (ECHO).

  • Thank you to Marenna Spieker who donated a portion of her Bat Mitzvah money to scholarships to help kids who can’t afford to go to camp.

  • Thank you to the entire Kisska family for deciding to donate their 2020 camp deposit to our scholarship fund.