We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides scholarships to young musicians to any accredited summer music camp in the United States. Scholarships are made possible through the generous donations from the alumni and friends of Arrowbear Music Camp, matching grants, and from members of the general public who support music education.



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Lakewood CA 90714-1294



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Donations Spring & Summer 2019

Many, many thanks to the friends and alumni of Arrowbear who donated to our Scholarship Fund. Donations from the Spring Newsletter totaled $9,812. That's a good start in building the scholarship bucket for next summer. All of the donations will go toward scholarships for 2020. 

Every donation is appreciated. We receive amounts from $10 to hundreds of dollars. It all adds up. Don’t worry about waiting until you can give more at some point in the future. Any amount makes a difference. It’s always a wonderful surprise to visit the mail box and hear how you’re doing and what is keeping you busy. Please keep in touch and give when you can.

Nicholas Abercrombie
Rejean Schweitzer Anderson

Paul & Frank Arundel
Teresa Marsi Bothman
Allan & Stephanie Crlenica Carter
Peter Davison
Deborah Trutanich Faust
Sylvia Fedak
Erin Nakagawa Felix
Eric & Jane Simonsen Frankenfeld
Mark Fronke
Lida Lockwood Gerenraich
Jennifer Hornung Gille
Eileen Choi Golden


Alex Gordon & Mimi Paller
Fran Harding
Neil Harrington
Kate Conroy Hernandez
Sherry Hetz
Brooke Hearons Hicks
Dennis & Jayne Lanners Horn
Marian Kent
Jay Kohorn
Peter Kozik
Cliff & Laura Dean Kusaba
Patricia Nelson Mack

Marianne Marsi & Lewis Manring
Jon Nowak


Diane Otsuki
Steven Reynolds
Ildiko Siegrist
Marjorie Sims
Marvin Sippel
Bruce Sledge
Allison Cook Stratford
Wallace Umber
Margaret Urke
Mike West
Karen Ostrom Wiles
Ruth Luippold Zantiny



  •  Mark Scott in memory of Ellen Schinnerer Deffner.

  • Many friends in memory of Ellen Schinnerer Deffner.

  • Ken Sams, Jr. in memory of Rolland Sandberg.

  • Mark Byer and Stephanie Cinereski in memory of Brian Reynolds.

  • Lennard & Jean Reynolds Eckhardt in memory of Brian Reynolds.

  • Beckie Roth Celikel in memory of Carole Dockstader.

  • The Blanco Family in memory of Marge and Seaton Blanco.

  • Gustavo Alfaro, Jr., in memory of his mother-in-law, Cherry Blossom, who taught her children the joy of music.


Additional Donations


Matching Grants

  • Thank you to Becky Boggs Othmer who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you, too, to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Jim Garrecht who set up a Facebook donation for his birthday with the donations going to  our Scholarship Fund. Thank you, too, to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Russell Graham for arranging for us to receive payroll withholdings from the Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Organization (ECHO)

  • Thank you to Cathy Daggett Wrench who recommended a donation to our organization from Allstate.


  • Thank you to an anonymous donor for recommending a donation to our organization from the Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund.