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Donations Fall & Winter 2023

Many, many thanks to the alumni and friends of Arrowbear who donated to our Scholarship Fund. Donations from the Fall Newsletter totaled $63,476.35. We are particularly grateful because we know these are still difficult times with families trying to recover economically from the effects of the pandemic. All of the donations will go toward scholarships for this coming summer and Summer 2024.

Every donation is appreciated. We receive amounts from $10 to hundreds of dollars. It all adds up. Don’t worry about waiting until you can give more at some point in the future. Any amount makes a difference. It’s always a wonderful surprise to visit the mailbox and hear how you’re doing and what is keeping you busy. Please keep in touch and give when you can. We love to hear from you.


Paul Arundel

Krystianne Avedian

Robert Baeyens

Michelle Otto Boden

Teresa Marsi Bothman

Elizabeth Houston Bowermaster

Lon & Kiki Collins Bussell

Dave Collins

Michelle & Javier Cedeño

William & Marie Course

Leslie Collins Edwards

Karl & Stephanie Eggers

Mike & Marylynn Wilcox Eipper

Larry Evans

Erin Nakagawa Felix

Renee Florsheim

Mike & Jan Fluchere

Jane Rink Franklin

Jim Garrecht

Lida Lockwood Gerenraich

Julie Gill

Eileen Choi Golden

Lynne Greenwood

Neil Greeley

Eileen Marrison Halcrow

Kate Conroy Hernandez

Sherry & Lindsay Hetz

Karin Hoesli

Hogarth Family Trust

Stefanie Holzman

Jim Hopkins

Janitta Funk Keck

Marian Kent

Peter Kozik

Don & Anita Orahood Kramer

Leonie Kramer

Hayden Gerald Lawrence

Long Beach Alumnae Chapter

   of Sigma Alpha Iota

David Low

Allan McMurray

Robert Menke

Russell Miller

Michael & Rosann Monaghan

David Moody

Janet Moore

Morey’s Music Store

Yasuko Morihara

Musical Arts Club of Long Beach

Becky Boggs Othmer

John Rabold

Sean Regaldo

Steven Reynolds

Nancy Rodriguez-Bell

Nailah Connor Roque

Ildiko Meracz Siegrist

Robert & Jennifer Mitchell Spier

Richard Uhler

Rebecca Waldorf

Bruce Wilkison

Veronica Wilson

Charles & Cathi Daggett Wrench


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a national event designed to encourage donations to worthy causes. The most recent event took place on November 29, 2022. We raised $1,121 for the scholarship fund. Many thanks to the donors who contributed.

Katy Bridges

Beckie Roth Celikel

Ri-Jen Chou

Jim Garrecht

Juanita Jackson

Robert Menke

Naomi Norwick

D. Wilson Ochoa

Becky Boggs Othmer

Michaela Quinby

Rocky Reames

LIsa Moliver Sandler

Marcy Sudock

Bruce Wilkison


  • Rosemary Waller in memory of Dick Waller.

  • Naomi Norwick in memory of Walter and Natalie Norwick.

  • Jean Mahnken Prendergast in memory of Connie Sainburg Namasy.

  • Beth Mills Grace, Jeff Mills, and Peggy Mills in memory of Ted Mills.

  • Meg Garside Jones in memory of her father, oboist, Rodney Garside.

  • Kirk and Eric Watilo in honor of their mother, Myrtle Seymore Watilo.

  • Linda Olson in honor of her twins – former campers Patricia and Isabel Olson.

  • Marvin Sippel in memory of his sisters Vina Mae Woodland and Evelyn Baeyens.

  • Sarah Solberg in memory of Ellen Schinnerer Deffner and Carole Ohlendorf Dockstader.

2022-07-28 09.54.59.jpg

Additional Donations


Matching Grants

  • Thank you to the eight alumni who have set up automatic monthly donations through PayPal. We receive $175 in total every month from these alumni for a yearly total of $2,275. You are all awesome!


  • Thank you to Carla Buddingh who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to the Anonymous person who set up a Facebook donation for his or her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Please email us so we can give you the proper credit.

  • Thank you to Naomi Norwick who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Russell Graham for arranging for us to receive payroll withholdings from the Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Organization (ECHO) and a donation from the Charities Aid Foundation America program.

  • Many thanks to Jim Garrecht who arranged for us to receive payroll deductions through the United Way and Kaiser Permanente programs.

  • Thank you to Nancy Rodriguez-Bell for a matching grant from Bank of America.

  • Many thanks to Veronica Wilson for a matching grant from BASF Corporation.

  • Thank you to Robert & Jennifer Mitchell Spier for a matching grant through the Benevity Community Impact Fund.

Facebook birthday fundraisers have raised $1,160 since the Fall Newsletter

We are so grateful to everyone who sets up a fundraiser and to those who donate. 

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