Donations Fall & Winter 2019 - 2020

Many, many thanks to the friends and alumni of Arrowbear who donated to our Scholarship Fund. Donations from the Fall Newsletter totaled an astonishing $62,749. We are particularly grateful because we know these are difficult times with families in dire economic straits from the various state mandated stay-at-orders. Numerous businesses have temporarily closed putting thousands of people out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the donations will go toward scholarships for this coming summer and Summer 2021. We want to especially thank Morey’s Music Store who has faithfully donated to our efforts for over 30 years. They never hesitate to help young musicians go to music camp.

Every donation is appreciated. We receive amounts from $10 to hundreds of dollars. It all adds up. Don’t worry about waiting until you can give more at some point in the future. Any amount makes a difference. It’s always a wonderful surprise to visit the mailbox and hear how you’re doing and what is keeping you busy. Please keep in touch and give when you can.

Rejean Schweitzer Anderson

Nancy Rodriguez-Bell

Michell Otto-Boden

Jon & Liz Huston Bowermaster

Carolyn Kusaba Carroll

Ri-Jen Chou

David Collins

John Curtis

Carlos Cymerman

Bonnie Russell Davis

Heather Dennis

Larry Evans

Darlene Waymile Falco

Deborah Trutanich Faust

Erin Nakagawa Felix

Jim Garrecht

Lida Lockwood Gerenraich

Kim Gibson

Julie Gill

Jennifer Hornung Gille

Ann Hebert Gilleran

Sherry & Lindsey Hetz

Karin Hoesli

Arnold Hogarth Family Trust

Stefanie Holzman

Jim Hopkins

Janitta Funk Keck

Marian Kent

Jennifer & Alan Kerr

George C. Keys

Peter Kozik

Don & Anita Orahood Kramer

Charles Lamont

Hayden Gerald Lawrence

David Low

Robert Menke

John Middlebrooks

Janet Moore

Michael & Rosann Monaghan

Morey’s Music Store

Yasuko Morihara

Jon Nowak

D. Wilson Ochoa

Linda, Trish, & Isabel Olson

Ellen Pesavento

John Rabold

Steven Reynolds

Patricia Wall Richardson

Nailah Connor Roque

Ildiko Meracz Siegrist

Ralph Siemsen

Philip Simmergren

Bruce Sledge

Sarah Solberg

Marcy Sudock

Daryl Temkin

Karen Tkaczyk

Rosemary McNamee Waller

Stan Weber

Mike West

Gary Wrench


  • Gustavo Alfaro, Jr., in memory of his mother-in-law, Cherry Blossom, who taught her children the joy of music.

  • Harold J. Russell in memory of his parents, Ruth and Harold Russell, who helped in the early years of Arrowbear.

  • Leslie Collins Edwards and Kiki Collins Bussell in memory of Loren and June Collins.

  • Sarah Solberg in memory of Ellen Schinnerer Deffner, Joe Burger, and Bruce Ford.

  • Kirk Watilo and family friends in memory of Myrtle Seymour Watilo.

  • Lon and Jean Reynolds Eckhardt in memory of Brian Reynolds.

  • Beth Mills Grace and Jeff Mills in memory of Ted Mills.

  • Naomi Norwick in memory of Walter and Natalie Norwick.

  • David & Gina DiSalvo Burcham in honor of Stacy Burcham.

  • Allan & Stephanie Crlenica Carter in memory of Joe Burger.

  • Janette Dill and the Dill Family in memory of Bob Dill.

  • Barbara Goorevitch Cook in honor of Sarah Solberg.

  • Bruce Wilkison in memory of Fred Ohlendorf.

  • Anonymous in memory of Katy Henderson.

  • Oliver Seely in memory of Martha Ebersole Eads.

  • Mary Blythe in honor of Stacy Burcham.

  • Christine McGinley in honor of Cori McGinley.

  • John Ervin in memory of Kendall Feeney.


Additional Donations


Matching Grants

  • Many thanks to the Arrowbear Campers from Summer 2019 who donated the unspent funds left in their personal camp bank accounts at the end of their sessions. This totaled $865.

  • Giving Tuesday – We received $1,360 in donations on Dec. 3 as part of Giving Tuesday. Thank you to all the donors!

  • Blaze Pizza Fundraiser – We received $59.08 from our event in January. Thanks to everyone who attended.

  • Thank you to Katy Fraser Bridges who set up a Facebook donation for her birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to David James who set up a Facebook donation for his birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Thank you to Rocky Reames who set up a Facebook donation for his birthday with the donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated.

  • Many thanks to Naomi Norwick’s friends and family for donations through a Facebook birthday fundraiser and Network for Good.

  • Facebook birthday fundraisers totaled $3,303.53 since November 1, 2019.

  • Many thanks to Ken Sams, Jr. for completed the paperwork for a matching grant through Your Cause.

  • Many thanks to Cathy Daggett Wrench for completing the paperwork for a matching grant through Allstate.

  • Many thanks to Nancy Rodriguez Bell for completing the paperwork for a matching grant through Bank of America.

  • Many thanks to Russell Graham for completing the paperwork for a grant through the ENGPAC program from the Northrop Grumman Foundation and a donation from the Charities Aid Foundation of America.

  • Many thanks to Robert & Jennifer Mitchell Spier for a matching grant from the Benevity Community Impact Fund.


We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides scholarships to young musicians to any accredited summer music camp in the United States. Scholarships are made possible through the generous donations from the alumni and friends of Arrowbear Music Camp, matching grants, and from members of the general public who support music education.



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